At Tatas Equipment, we provide a while range of Kubota products (Generators, Engines, Spare Parts & Services) to meet your business requirements. Every Kubota product are meticulously designed, and manufactured in Japan, meeting rigorous standards set by the Kubota brand to ensure the highest quality. As Kubota official distributor in Singapore, along with our lean and efficient operations, we are able to supply original Kubota products at the most competitive price in the market.

Kubota Spare Parts

All genuine Kubota parts are designed and manufactured to strict factory standards in order to keep your Kubota machinery operating at peak performance year after year. The full range of genuine Kubota spare parts are available for selection at our office as we stock a variety of consumable and off the shelf parts in order to provide Kubota customers with a superior level of service and support. For safety, reliability, efficiency and warranty, always choose genuine Kubota spare parts.

Kubota Piston Ring


Kubota Oil filter

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Kubota Piece Nozzle

Piece Nozzle

Cylinder Liner

Cylinder Liner

Kubota Plunger


Kubota Valve Inlet


Kubota Crank Shaft

Crank Shaft

Kubota Piston

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Kubota Services

Tatas Equipment offers full service and support of Kubota products. We are committed to providing quality service to meet our customers’ individual needs. All service technicians are factory trained and draw upon years of industry experience and regular training to provide service and support that is second to none. We provide consultation service on safety issues, warranty maintenance, and access to operator manuals. If you have a service enquiry get in touch with us on our Contact Us page.

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Kubota Engines

The Kubota name is synonymous with the world’s highest performing, efficient and reliable engines. Since 1922, when Kubota manufactured its first engine, Kubota has invested heavily in the research and development of advanced technologies to produce engines that set the benchmark for the industry. Kubota engines are built with the user and environment in mind, providing reliable power when you need it most while reducing emissions and impact on the environment. Available in up to 82HP, Kubota engines are built for all conditions.

Kubota 03 Series Engine

Whether you’re loading shipping containers or milling timber, the Kubota 03 Series (3 or 4 cylinders) provides exceptional reliability, durability and powerful performance that you can rely on. Featuring a wide range of vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines, available in capacities of 25.5HP to 39.9HP at 2800RPM.
  • Proven Reliability and New Technology, by seeking excellence in emission compliance meeting the EPA Tier4 standard, and achieved new strides in fully electronic controlled engines.
  • Clean and Quiet Power, through the Common Rail System to optimize combustion and create a more durable quiet and improved fuel-economy.
  • Flexibility & Trust, serving customers in different countries and industries with different engine needs, Kubota 03 series meets every EPA Tier and we continuously strive to meet your needs with experience and expertise you expect and deserve.

Kubota 05 Series Engine

The Kubota O5 Series features vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines (3 or 4 Cylinders) with a capacity of 17.4HP-36.4HP at 3000RPM. Best in its class, the Kubota’s 05 Series is the industries leading range and the preferred power source of many industrial equipment manufacturers including automotive, power companies and material handling companies.
  • Emission, Kubota 05 Series complies with EPA Tier 4 emission regulations. Engines less than 19kW meets emission standards over the NRTC and also meets the NTE requirements.
  • Durable Power, 05 Series offers seamless transition from E3 to E4 by maintaining the same footprint and hardware mounting points.
  • Option, A variety of engine accessory options are available for 05 Series engine.

Super mini series

The world’s smallest, multi-cylinder, high-power density diesel engines, the Kubota Super Mini Series packs a punch, offering high performance paired with incredible fuel efficiency. Available in 2-cylinder and 3-cylinder, the Kubota Super Mini Series features vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle IDI diesel engines with a capacity of 10.9-16.4HP.
  • Emission, Kubota Super Mini Series, the most compact multi-cylinder liquid cooled industrial diesel engines, complies with EPA Tier 4 emission regulations.
  • Durable Power, chosen by many as a power source for a variety of applications since it was first launched 30 years ago. It has become the benchmark in the compact diesel engine market.
  • Clean and Quiet power, Kubota’s original E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) has been further improved for better emissions.

Kubota Generators

The Kubota range of diesel generators are powered by genuine Kubota engines, renowned worldwide for their superior reliability and long service life. With a wide range of generators available, from 6 kVA through to 30kVA, the compact range offers a solution for almost every application including residential, commercial, industrial, mining and rental. Kubota generators are designed with the user and environment in mind, with ease of maintenance and transportation, user safety, reduced emissions and a quieter operation, while offering years of exceptional performance and fuel economy.

SQ Series

Kubota’s largest yet super quiet, heavy duty type four-pole generator series. The generator and the engine are direct-coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.
  • Ease of operation: Improved Enclosure with Noise Abducting Duct, Over-sized  muffler to lower sound level, Quieter cooling fan, Compact and Easy to Transport.
  • Fuss-free Maintenance: Easy one side maintenance and quick inspection, Automatic Air-bleeding and Start system.
  • Increased Safety: Designed with safety in mind – fully covered load centre houses all the outlets, compression terminals and circuit breakers. Safety door interlocks automatically shut down the engine if the load center doors open during operation.

KJ Series

The Kubota KJ Series features heavy-duty four-pole generators best suited to industrial applications. Built with world renowned Kubota diesel engines, the KJ series is in a class of its own, offering a quieter, more efficient and safer operation.
  • Dependable Generation: Direct-Coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss. Brushless Alternator, designed to be used in a wide variety of difficult starting conditions. Transistor Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) are equipped in all KJ series generators to regulate stable flow of current.
  • Clean emission & Ease of Operations: Reduced sound and vibration, with Kubota’s inherent low noise design, a sound attenuated enclosure which effectively reduced sound.
  • Convenient Front Panel Control for maximum accessibility, Transportability enhanced by twin point lifting eye.


The Kubota KJ-T130DX is a four pole, fully cabinet style, three phase diesel generator, with a capacity of 12.6kVA and 1500RPM.


The Kubota KJ-T180VX is a four pole, fully cabinet style, three phase diesel generator, with a capacity of 18kVA and 1500RPM.


The Kubota KJ-S240 is a four pole, fully cabinet style, single phase diesel generator, with a capacity of 24kVA and 1500RPM.


The Kubota KJ-T300 is a four pole, fully cabinet style, three phase diesel generator, with a capacity of 30kVA and 1500RPM.