Kubota 03 Series Engine

Kubota 03 Series Diesel Engine


Whether you’re loading shipping containers or milling timber, the Kubota 03 Series (3 or 4 cylinders) provides exceptional reliability, durability and powerful performance that you can rely on. Featuring a wide range of vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engines, available in capacities of 25.5HP to 39.9HP at 2800RPM.

Engine Description

Proven Reliability and New Technology

The latest technology and strong performance – two things customers expect from Kubota engines. We continue to provide both by seeking excellence in three key areas: emission compliance, new studies in fully electronic controlled engines, and flexibility in products and services to customers worldwide.

Emission Compliance

Meeting rigid emission regulations can be a challenge for any company. At Kubota, our 03 Series engines have been designed to comply with the most stringent regulations: The EPA Tier 4 and the EU Stage III A. In addition, innovative emission solutions, such as an aftertreatment device, have also been integrated into the 03 Series engines.

Clean and Quiet Power

The Common Fail System has made it possible to optimize combustion and create a more durable quiet, and improved fuel-economy engine. By meticulously screening and controlling the exhaust gas aftertreatment components, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), we offer a cleaner high-performance engine.


When working with customers in different countries and with different engine needs, flexibility is a must. Since Kubota 03 Series engines have evolved step-by-step to meet every EPA Tier, we provide the appropriate emission regulation certified engine to any customers worldwide. Added to that, we have designed aftertreatment device with minimum package impact for easy installation.


The Kubota 03 Series is the best solution for your company’s global marketing strategy. We continuously strive to meet your needs with the experience and expertise you expect and deserve.

Kubota 03 Series

Engíne ModelGross Intermittent Maximum SpeedCylindersCombustion / Instake SystemEmission RegulationAftertreatment
kW / HPrpm
D1803-CR-E4B28.0 / 37.527003DI Naturally AspiratedTier 4 Stage IIIADPF+DOC
D1803-CR-TE4B37.0 / 49.627003DI / TurbochargedTier 4 Stage IIIBDPF+DOC
D1803-CR-TIE4B37.0 / 49.627003DI / TurbochargedTier 4 Stage IIIBDOC
V2403-CR-E4B37.4 / 50.227004DI Naturally AspiratedTier 4 Stage IIIBDPF+DOC
V2403-CR-TE4B48.6 / 65.1 27004DI / TurbochargedTier 4 Stage IIIBDPF+DOC
V2403-CR-TIE4B48.6 / 65.1 27004DI / TurbochargedTier 4 Stage IIIBDOC

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