There have been different opinions across industry experts over what makes a good diesel engine. It could probably be due to different requirements that each individual has over the use of their engines. However here are some of the common factors that came up regularly while speaking to industry experts, and most use them to evaluate what makes a good engine.

  1. Good balance between HP/TQ – Horsepower sells an engine exceptionally well, however a good balance between horsepower and torque is essential for every engine. It is a misconception where horsepower is the only criteria that matters. Torque is equally important as it is required to get the engine moving!
  2. Excellent fuel efficiency – Diesel efficiency translate to cost savings and more environmentally friendly operations. A poorly designed engine has rather bad fuel efficiency and regular incomplete combustion within the engine which results to larger amount of pollutant get released into the air. Thus while evaluating an engine, fuel efficiency is one of the most considered factor.
  3. Light Weight – Accessibility is important, however lightweight should be considered with other essential needs of your operations and not sacrifice lightweight for other factors which may improve your operational capabilities.
  4. Durable – You’d probably do not want an engine that breaks down regularly or requires maintenance frequently. Reliability is a huge factor and it gives its operators a piece of mind if they know that the engine is easy to operate and runs without any major problems under harsh conditions.
  5. Exceptional product support – In the event that your engine breakdown or requires maintenance, accessibility of parts are critical as it minimizes the downtime of your engine, which allows you to quickly get back to operational level. Therefore with universal support and technical expertise readily available, you’re guaranteed a fuss-free experience with your engines.

However not many manufacturers in the market can produce such high quality engines and universal support. Tier 1 Manufacturers such as Kubota, are just the few brands that can achieve such high specifications given its well established brand and widely used products, which further enhances their support system throughout the world.